Friday, September 30, 2011

Desolation Row

Before I got married, I lived in a wonderful townhouse in Reston, VA with my great roommates Annie, Deanne, and Taryn.  After Deanne moved out, I converted the dank, cave-like basement room into my hangout/music room and, with the help of another pal, named it Desolation Row.  It was the bizz.  I miss it a lot; mostly because it was ugly and ghetto and rad.  Now that I have my own house, its not as acceptable to make it ugly on purpose.  Shame.

But that's entirely beside the point, the point is that Desolation Row by Bob Dylan is one of my favorite songs, so I made this video yesterday.  I was really surprised to see that there were hardly any covers of this on youtube, besides the ridiculous My Chemical Romance cover and some sleepy live performances by the Grateful Dead.  Anyway, I hope I did it justice.  Enjoy!

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