In 2004 my best pal bought a leather journal online.  She loved it and so did I, and after close inspection, I figured I could make one just as good.  Since then I've made hundreds of journals, and have gotten a lot of pleasure out of creating beautiful keepsakes for people.  I use only my favorite, most beautiful genuine cow-hides, purchased from Western Trade Co. in Springville, UT.  My stock of books always varies greatly, but I love doing commissions, so if you don't see anything that you like, don't hesitate to send me an email for a custom order.

I've recently gotten into other alternative forms of bookmaking, and am just at the start of what will likely be a long journey of learning and experimentation.  I've made "Monster Books", a cooky alternative to scrapbooking, and "Record Cover Books", which are notebooks/sketchbooks made from old, funky record covers.

It is hard to keep it up-to-date, but you can see my books in my Etsy Store.