The House Show Series

In 2008 I started hosting musical performances in my living room in Reston, VA.  The townhouse I lived in had a split level living room/dining room, which made for high ceilings and "stadium seating".  It was glorious.  The room fit 55 at capacity.  I hosted 15 show in 2 years in that space (many thanks to my gracious roommates and neighbors), and I have gigs and gigs of pictures, video, and audio that I need to share with all of you.

Here's a list of the shows I've hosted with their dates and locations:

Oct 24, 2008
Reston, VA
Justin Trawick  
Nov 14, 2008                    
Reston, VA
Laura Tsaggaris  
Jan 30, 2009                      
Reston, VA
Jonathan Vassar and the Speckled Bird                     
Feb 21, 2009                    
Falls Church, VA
Victoria Vox                        
March 14, 2009               
Reston, VA
Tripping Lily                      
May 9, 2009                     
Reston, VA
James Dewey and Lisa Fraser
May 23, 2009                   
Outer Banks, NC
Maggie Harrison               
May 30, 2009                   
Spanish Fork, UT
June 26, 2009                   
Reston, VA
Dean Fields                         
July 31, 2009                    
Reston, VA
King Curly                          
Sept 5, 2009                      
Reston, VA
Whitetop Mountaineers       
Oct 9, 2009                       
Reston, VA
Louis Ledford
Nov 7, 2009                      
Reston, VA
Luke Brindley
Mar 3, 2010                      
Reston, VA
Shannon Curtis
April 3, 2010                     
Reston, VA
Allie Moss and Bess Rogers  
Sept 3, 2010                       
Reston, VA
Raina Rose and Rebecca Loebe
Oct 6, 2010                         
Reston, VA
Deep River                         
March 18, 2011                  
Arlington, VA
Carrie Elkin and Anthony da Costa
Aug 20, 2011                     
Arlington, VA