Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mel the Burninator: Sculpy FAIL, Key Lime Pie WIN

Here's a little walk down memory lane:

I attempted to make some little things out of Scuply.  I've done this before. Its easy enough.  So, this morning, as I computerized, I baked some stuff I sculpted last night.  Here they are.  Aren't they cute?

Well, they were cute.  I did everything right.  Until I started baking bread this afternoon.  I left the sculpy stuff in the oven to cool, but forgot about them and preheated for my bread.  Then I went to work out while my bread was rising, only to return to a chemical-smelling smoke filled kitchen.  Crap.  Turn on the fan, and throw open the door.

This experience reminded me of other times I've burninated the coutryside. And the peasants.  Here are just three that I have photo proof of, there are many more.

 Cookies my junior year of college.  Anyone remember this?  And yes, that furniture is wicker.  And no, I don't know why we have a gallon of blood on the porch.
This is my beautiful spouse.  I didn't burninate his face, he did that; however, I did cause the corn tortillas in the toaster oven to burst into flames.  It was his own fault he flung the door open and blew as hard as he could, only to get a fire ball in the face.  His eye lashes didn't grow back for 3 months. Check out the singed beard.  Still smilin' though, that's ma man.

Despite my sculpy fail, I managed a Key Lime Pie and my bread turned out pretty good.  This is the easiest pie recipe I've ever made, and have made probably 8 in the last 3 months.  I might be wearing it out, but its so wicked good and sooooooo easy.  I'll post the bread sometime, as it is one of my favorite and most-often-used recipes.


 Whip Creaminated!
And here's the bread.  I wrapped it before I remembered to take the picture, so forgive the plastic wrap. 

I wonder if other people burn things as much as I do.  Do you have any pictures of stuff you've burnt?  Leave it in a comment!

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