Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October, The Blury Red

October has pulled ahead as my favorite month.  Historically, my fav is March (birthday) or July (Floydfest), but now that I celebrate my perfect wedding in October, I have finally succumbed to the burning autumn.  It still gets cold, but its not cold yet, so, after all these years I can unabashedly confess my infatuation with October.

The glorious month in pictorial recap:

 I got to hang out with Maggie and Ben--for an entire day!  I loved it.  Maggie and I basically talked for like 16 hours.  And we watched Moneyball.  It occurred to me that the feeling of "hanging out in your mom's basement" might finally be really evaporated.  How many more times will we be able to chill in your parents' basement?  We will soon be the parents with the basement.  Weird.
 Two trips to BV--one for Mountain Days, one for Homecoming.
 My booth at Mtn. Days, right next to the Himes girls selling their adorable handmade aprons, and the Shiraki's teaching people about dirt.
 I sold 2 paintings!
 Kickin' it with Marie.
 The Homecoming football game with the one-and-only David Burke.  See my Homecoming post.
 My artwork has been hanging in Epicure Cafe in Fairfax, VA.  I've sold three pieces so far!
 We saw Les Miserables at The Kennedy Center.  OOF!  It was stunning; not quite at grand as when I saw it on Broadway, but gorgeous none-the-less.  In NY, the stage rotated, so that was pretty amazing, this stage was static, but the staging was still pretty mindblowing.  And the music!  Ah!  "Dreamed a Dream" will always KILL ME!
 With the help of pinterest, my pal Rebecca and I made these awesome cupcakes.
 Her 4 year old son made the colorful "monster" ones.
 This is a close-up of some street art in Philadelphia.  Kyle and I took a day trip to Philly for our one year wedding anniversary.
 Me and Kyle.
 Philly has more murals than any city I've ever seen.  I love them, and wish every city could celebrate art so publically.

 I wanted to go the art museum, Kyle wanted to go to Eastern State Penitentiary.  Neither of us had been, so we spent the afternoon exploring this beautifully macabre, dilapidated building.  It was very interesting, strangely beautiful, and very creepy.
 It looks very out-of-place in its posh Philly neighborhood.
 Eery and quiet.
 We listened to a really good audio tour throughout the building, narrated by Steve Buscemi.
 This is a replica of Al Capone's room.  Snazzy.
 I wondered what visiting a prison on our anniversary said about our marriage. 
 A model of the building.
 A dilapidated hallway.

 The hospital wing.
 We walked down to Love Park, talked to some people, and watched the skateboarders.
 When we got home, I pulled out the top of our wedding cake from the freezer.  I wasn't so sure I wanted to eat year-old cake.
 And we did eat it, and it wasn't terrible, and then we threw the rest away.
 Halloween gig with my homeboys, The Big Guise Band.  Recently, our bass player Rob had to quit the band for health reasons.  We were very sad to see him go, and weren't sure how we would move forward without him.  We miss him.  We found a new bass player named Greg (far right), and are looking forward to integrating him into the band. 
 Steve was a devil, Jim was a gangster, I was Bernadette Peters, and Greg was a football player.
 My costume took a wicked long time to put together, and needed my mother-in-law's expert sewing, but I won "Best Costume" at the gig, and had a lot of fans at the ward Trunk or Treat, so ya know, mission accomplished.

The biggest thing that happened this month was the closing of my beloved Soundry.  It was a whirlwind few weeks, but we're recovering and very interesting things are happening.  I am working on a very verbose series of posts about The Soundry, what it is, what happened, and where we're going.  For now, I started another blog as a way to announce happenings in The Soundry community.

That's it for now.  I'm working on overhauling my website, creating my paintings for the upcoming "Baby Canvases III" art show, and all-together trying to take it easier in November.  Life is grand.

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