Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kissing Babies

I love my 3 month old son.

So I kiss him...a lot...like, all day.

How could you NOT kiss this face?

Photo by Brinn Willis, BMW Photography

I love kissing his squishy cheeks, and hands, and chin, and ears, and pretty much his whole self.  I am a very lucky/blessed woman to have such an adorable human to confer so many millions of kisses on.  But, the most wonderful thing is that not only to I get to kiss my Dylan anytime I want, it is my job!  Not only is it my job to smother him with love, I would be a terrible person if I didn't.  Well, shoot, I guess I have to keep kissing this baby.

He is unbelievably the best.  He amazes me.  I know that he is extraordinary.  He is very special, I can feel it (maybe every mom does, I don't know).  You should see how he smiles away the morning.  Splashing in the bathtub simultaneously thrills him and freaks him out.  He loves watching his dad dance.  I could go on an on about my little baby Dylan.  I just love being his mom so much. 

Photo by Brinn Willis, BMW Photography

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mel's Musings: Downton Abbey

I hesitate to blog.  I always think, "I haven't blogged for a while, I must think of something to blog about."  How horribly boring.

So, I've decided that today I don't care about being valid or validated, I shall just BLOG.

....about crap I saw on the internet today....awesome.

(Downton Spoilers ahead)
Downton Abbey Season 3 just ended, and I've been thoroughly addicted to the show since sometime last year when I was pregnant and feeling pathetic (not that one need be or is pathetic who watches this show).  I gobbled down season 1 and 2 from various online outlets, and when season 3 commenced, I was right there with the rest of the Downtonians hanging on every ping of Lady Mary's eyebrows.  I watched with everyone else until Lady Sybil's harrowing demise, which was very unexpected and very painful.  After that episode, I had to reassess my emotional state and my personal investment in these fictional characters and come back to reality a bit.  Also, I had seen some whisperings online that neared spoilers, so I instead of stumbling onto something and accidentally spoiling the rest of the season for myself, I decided to watch the rest of the season on some shady website and have it over.

As a result, I knew about Matthew's tragic death in advance of the rest of the (honest) country.  But, for me, it was better that way.  I've needed the time to process the whole ordeal on my own.  Which I have, and have made my peace and am ready to charge into season 4 (in 10 *swear word* months).

However, it did provide me a fun vantage point the night of the finale.  I spent the majority of my "relax in bed with ipad" time before I went to sleep that night refreshing my twitter feed under the #downtonpbs hashtag.  It was hilarious, and muy entertaining.  I've been on twitter a bit more lately, mostly because I find a lot of great reading material as people link all sorts of articles on all sorts of topics.  Here are some great Downton things on the internets:

I Love This:

I love Maggie Smith.  I've loved her long before her Downton fame.  She is a living legend, and I thought her way above Downton when I first saw the show.  I figured she'd come on occasionally as more of a cameo than a regular cast member.  It is strange to think that she may be remembered for her role on Downton rather than the rest of her life's work.  This interview is simply one of my favorites (I love interviews anyway).  She's so real, so straight-forward, and her handling of the interviewer and his ridiculous questions kind of reminds me of Bob Dylan's attitude toward journalists.

Maggie Smith Interview on 60 Minutes

In my grieving process, it helped me tremendously to know the real reasons behind Matthew's very unfair and tragic death.  Once I learned that he died because he was leaving the show, I was brought back to reality.  Julian Fellows had no intention of killing Sybil or Matthew, the actors just weren't coming back for season 4.  Sybil's death didn't feel contrived the way Matthew's did, it felt like an organic and natural part of the overall arch of the plot.  It really doesn't make sense for Matthew to die when the show has pretty much been all about him the whole time, and the way it was done made it impossible for me to hide behind my wall of soap-opera denial, which is irritating.  Anyway, this article explains Dan Steven's side of the story, and, simultaneously makes him seem like a d-bag.  Good riddance, Matthew was starting to drive me nuts anyway, what with all his yelling at Robert, his growing double chin, his "kiss me again"'s, and his inability to kill humungous dear creatures.  I am sad for Mary and the baby, but Dan Stevens bugs.

Rolling Stone writes the best recaps I've read. 

Fun facts and coincidences like this fill me with glee: Highclere Castle, where Downton Abbey is filmed, was the home of the Earl of Carnarvon who financed the expeditions that discovered the tomb of King Tut!  The first major presentation I gave in college was on King Tut's tomb in Art History class, and let me tell you, I KILLED it!  I spent a great deal of my early life as a devote Egyptology nerd.  Read this short article, and picture the downstairs staff at Downton talking about the replica of Tut's tomb in the cellars--I don't think Daisy would sleep a wink.  If only the Granthams were doing better financially, Robert and Cora could go off to Egypt to dig up artifacts.

Second to last thing:
I didn't hear a word they were saying in this scene, I was just looking at THAT FISH. Take me to that river, PUH-LEASE!

Okay, one last thing about Downton tonight.  I drew this on my ipad.  Its not really finished, and not too fancy, but it was fun.

Are you a Downton Abbey fan?  What did you think of the finale?