Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kissing Babies

I love my 3 month old son.

So I kiss him...a lot...like, all day.

How could you NOT kiss this face?

Photo by Brinn Willis, BMW Photography

I love kissing his squishy cheeks, and hands, and chin, and ears, and pretty much his whole self.  I am a very lucky/blessed woman to have such an adorable human to confer so many millions of kisses on.  But, the most wonderful thing is that not only to I get to kiss my Dylan anytime I want, it is my job!  Not only is it my job to smother him with love, I would be a terrible person if I didn't.  Well, shoot, I guess I have to keep kissing this baby.

He is unbelievably the best.  He amazes me.  I know that he is extraordinary.  He is very special, I can feel it (maybe every mom does, I don't know).  You should see how he smiles away the morning.  Splashing in the bathtub simultaneously thrills him and freaks him out.  He loves watching his dad dance.  I could go on an on about my little baby Dylan.  I just love being his mom so much. 

Photo by Brinn Willis, BMW Photography


  1. So perfect. That last picture is absolutely perfect. I can't believe he is three months old already! What a cutie!
    Love you,


  2. He is adorable! And I love that last photo. Beautiful!