Thursday, August 25, 2011

Late to the Party....

I "get into" things pretty easily.  I am pretty interested in a lot of things and extremely interested in a good hand-full of things that end up taking 90% of my time.  I really like cool things.  Like aviator glasses and The Mamas and The Papas (the quintessential cool band).  However, I feel like I always jump on the band wagon of "cool things" fairly late in the game.  When it comes to "discovering" things that i really like or get really in to, it seems like there are already loads of people who have been riding the same wave for a long time.

This does not bother me.  I've never been one to fret when other people begin to like the same thing as me, even if I had been a fan for a long ol' time. (except in the case Death Cab for Cutie, they were soooo much better before people actually liked them).  No, I really enjoy sharing the things I like with the people who will appreciate them.  Which is why we're here.

I used to think that blogging was incredibly vane.  And I still do.  But, more important than my desire to feel validated when billions of humans religiously memorize passages from these web pages, is the desire to promote things that I think are cool.  There will mostly be music and the musicians that create it, art and artists that I know and love, and a tid-bits here-and-there about my family, pals, projects, and goings-on.

Its gonna be fun.

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