Sunday, August 30, 2015

Home Transformations: The Townhouse Kitchen

We moved this summer.

I never could have been prepared for the stress of this ordeal, even when more experienced friends gave me that knowing oh-my-gosh-moving-is-the-worst look, piled high with sympathy, knowing full well that I was approaching the entire task with a great deal of naivety. The last time I moved was when I married my husband, with maybe two car loads of stuff. Five years and two kids does a lot to the moving process. Well, folks, it kicked my trash. Over and over and over. Months of stress resulted in a handful of ugly moments, but we have sold our townhouse, renovated our apartment (attached to our new house), and now, looking toward the fall, will finish fixing up and beautifying our new living area/yard.

So this is the first in a series of "Home Transformation" posts. We begin with the Townhouse Kitchen.
 I didn't get any pictures before we took the sink out. This transformation is very basic. We had very limited time to make-over this kitchen, so we opted for replacing the counters and adding a backsplash.
 Green counters scared away a few buyers, I'm sure.
 Bye bye green counters!

And here is where, like those annoying/addicting home remodel shows, we skip the harrowing details of the 3 day job that turned into an 8 day job, a dozen trips to Lowe's, begging and borrowing to get the material to our house, begging friends to watch my kids so I could work, hours and hours of tile cutting, grout applying,  trying to get those @#$&% counters level, frustration, melt-downs, and, eventually, real satisfaction that the thing looks super amazing.

I did the backsplash, Kyle did the counters. The counters are laminate from Lowe's, and the backsplash was a lot more fun to put in than I would have thought. I didn't even mind the tile cutting, and it made such a big improvement. It is a heartbreaker to do all this work just to pass it on to someone else and not get to enjoy it, but, the good news is that once our house went back on the market, we had an offer in two days and everything went really fast and smoothly. We loved our time in this little townhouse and are proud of the way we left it for its new owners.